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Essential Cyber Security e-Learning

Tridena is proud to announce the release of the Essential Cyber Security e-learning course, created in collaboration with the leading health, safety and risk management specialists Cardinus.
During the pandemic there has been a large increase in cyber attacks. Remote working increases the digital vulnerability of businesses and their employees, with laptops and phones connected to the home network along with your gaming consoles, tablets and smart home devices.

Protect your business from cyber criminals

The Essential Cyber Security Course consists of a series of modules that will give businesses with home and/or hybrid workers an added layer of protection. 

Organisations have invested heavily in their network security and VPN technology to enable employees to work remotely. However, if an employees’ home network is vulnerable, then criminals can exploit this. The Essential Cyber Security course protects organisations by making sure their employees cannot be easily compromised and coerced to hand over company data.

Paul Davidson, Director, Tridena

Trial our E-learning course

For a free trial of the Essential Cyber Security e-learning course visit Cardinus's website,

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